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 Custom Garden Landscape  is a professional,knowledgable, and reliable company with 25 years of experience that has served all over the Ventura, Santa Barbara County area and part of Kern County.

We specialize in more than just landscaping maintenance  for commercial and custom homes. To mention a few, we can design you any hardscaping projects that you might have in mind for your landscape.We also offer service in irrigation systems and valve wire troubleshooting solutions

Our company takes pride in what we do and to better serve our clients we work closely with them to meet their expectations. 

So, when in due time for a landscaping project ,you can count on us!

We will be glad to be able to serve you.


What is a perfect way to save water and have stunning garden? 

Well, with a drought tolerant landscapes you can maintain your garden looking outstanding, while minimizing the amount of water having to be used and saving yourself some money.

CGL can provide you with ideas and designs that can better fit your needs when it comes to keeping your garden remarkable and water efficient.

Drought Tolerant Landscaping 


Latest Projects

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